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In many countries students are required to obtain a visa for studying abroad whether it be for the a semester, a full year or through to a degree. The best source for information regarding the specific country’s requirements is the school itself, however Passport & Visa Advisors can assist with review of the application requirements but not the actual submission itself. In almost every case a personal appearance at the country’s consulate in the USA is required. While PVA can’t submit in person we can provide:

  • Professional guidance pertaining all necessary application components, lead time, costs and consulate locations
  • Review of all documents whether in person, via Skype or with documents uploaded per our secure serve
  • Whether a police background check (or FBI) is required
  • Information regarding foreign nationals studying abroad but living in the USA
  • Assistance should a visa be denied or problems in the application process occur

Note to Universities and program directors: Some countries will allow batch processing and the involvement of a third party to remove the need for the student to appear in person.

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