Important News for Intended Parents

Thank you for your interest in Passport Visa Advisor’s US passport services. We hope we can be of assistance to your family during these uncertain times.

Under normal circumstances, Passport & Visa Advisors provides passport processing services to our clients where we physically obtain their passports (same day in most cases) and send the passport back to them overnight. Due to the COVID-19 the US State Department has suspended all expedited passport applications and we’re unable to process passports until further notice.

While we cannot process passports at this time, PVA remains available to international IPs who desire one-on-one passport consultations and/or passport document preparation.

Currently there are five possible options for an international IP to obtain a passport for their child:

  1. Emergency Passport - Apply for an emergency US passport application in person at a US Passport Agency
  2. Standard Passport - Apply for a US passport at a local Acceptance Agency using their standard 6-8 weeks process
  3. Foreign Passport - Apply for a foreign passport from the country where the IPs are nationals
  4. Expedited Passport (future) - Wait until the passport suspension is over and apply for an expedited passport via Passport Visa Advisors
  5. Combination of two of the options above

What can we do for you now?

Passport & Visa Advisors offers consultative services, document preparation and passport photos for clients who are interested in applying for their baby’s US passport on their own. If interested, please download the order form and email back to One of our senior advisors will be in contact to discuss your situation.

While we all hope life will return to normal soon, we know our IPs are stuck in the US and need help to get home. Passport Visa Advisors is here to help, and we appreciate your consideration.