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Traveling through Europe

Twenty-six European countries make up the Schengen Union and one Schengen visa allows travel across their borders without requiring a unique visa from each country.  Schengen visas apply to most foreign nationals living in the USA and almost without exception a personal appearance at the country’s consulate in the USA is required.  While third parties are typically not allowed to represent a Schengen visa applicant in person, Passport & Visa Advisors can provide:

  • Professional guidance pertaining all necessary application components, lead time, costs and consulate locations
  • Review of all documents whether in person, via Skype or with documents uploaded per our secure server
  • If multiple countries are involved, to which consulate should the application be submitted
  • What type of Schengen visa should be applied for
  • Where to apply if a country to be visited doesn’t have a consulate in the USA
  • How long a Schengen visa is good for
  • Whether a Schengen visa can it be extended once in country
  • What happens if my Schengen visa application isn’t approved
  • Costs for these services can be found here

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