Passport & Visa Advisors is regularly asked about our services versus those of our competitors. To respond to your questions we respond with the following:


Face to Face evaluations

Passport & Visa Advisors provides in person (or via Skype) evaluations of our client’s passport and visa applications. PVA verifies applications are complete before submission.

Service Levels to fit every need

Whether PVA clients require assurances their applications are correct, discuss passport and visa requirements, or they want a hands free, worry free experience, PVA has a plan to help.

Extensive Experience

Passport & Visa Advisors has 20+ years experience in the passport & visa expediting industry and has become one of the best expediting firms in our industry

Industry Knowledge

PVA understands the nuances of the passport and visa expediting industry and can provide guidance and oversight to manage the traveler’s expectations

Discover PVA. We get it done in no time!

High-quality, face-to-face service levels not usually found in the passport and visa industry.

Assurances & Peace of Mind

The simplest of mistakes can delay the process of a passport and/or visa leading to additional costs, travel delays and unnecessary stress. Let PVA remove all doubts from the process with use of our services.

Safe and Secure

PVA clients can rest assured that their proprietary documents will be secured using the most advance data protection available to e-commerce clients. Access to credit card data will be limited and personal information will only be transmitted via our secure server.

Corporate Accounts

PVA’s corporate program pairs our business travel experts with our client’s admins, travel managers and travelers requiring prompt hands-on personalized services for their business travelers. Corporate accounts can be established providing a unique sign in qualifier and reduced rates.

Fast & Easy to Use

PVA clients meet us in person, via Skype or will send documents to us via our secure email server. PVA’s experts are able to review applications, create form fill and provide informative feedback in a very short period of time.

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