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20+ years of experience in the passport & visa industry

Passport & Visa Advisors, LLC is an advisory and expediting service dedicated to assisting international travelers who wish to ensure their documents are in order before submitting their applications to either an expeditor or the US Passport Agency for processing.

PVA was created to serve clients with high-quality, face-to-face service levels not usually found in the passport and visa expediting industry. Following the events of September 11th, international travel dropped significantly and smaller passport and visa expediting firms closed or sold to a larger competitor. In the subsequent years expeditors have continued to expand creating a need for a return to quality customer service.

PVA’s proposition value is to cater to the needs of travelers who desire and appreciate personalized service from knowledgeable and understanding professionals. PVA advisors take time to instruct and educate clients on the travel requirements for international destinations rather than the traveler having to rely only on a website and a call center for support.

The owners of Passport & Visa Advisor worked almost exclusively for A Briggs Passport & Visa Expeditors for the better part of a decade. The A Briggs office in Charlotte successfully served individual travelers, corporate clients, new US citizens, and business persons since 2006. In our new Matthews, NC offices we are ready to serve your international travel needs, whether they’re consultative or full service.

Our office

Anne Gilland

Located at 250 N. Trade Street in the heart of Matthews, NC historic district, The Johnson Building is the home of Kristopher’s Bar & Grill and the offices of Passport & Visa Advisors. The Johnson Building is the only three story building in Matthews and the restaurant has been a local favorite to this community since 1988. If you get lost coming to our offices, just tell your good Samaritan that you need to get to Kristopher’s. Everyone knows where we are!



We serve our clients with high-quality, face-to-face service levels not usually found in the passport and visa industry.
Catie Langdon

Catie Langdon


My belief: transparency and consistency are at the core of our interaction with our customers.

Anne Gilland

Anne Gilland


Our customers have a reason to choose us over our competitors, in part because the experience feels more personal


Our walk-ins prefer us. They say we have a great place to take care of their passport and visa needs.


Our values are present in the DNA of our company.
They guide our decisions, shape our culture and help us connect with our customers.



To be the best passport and visa advisory and expeditor service in the nation through excellence through service offerings, personalized customer service and quality vendor relationships.



Placing our client’s needs first by meeting and exceeding expectations and offering low cost solutions to their travel needs. We commit to speak the truth, listen attentively, be prompt and recognize the value of our client’s time and situation.



To bring unique travel specific advisory products and services to individuals traveling from the United States for tourist, study or business purposes.



Quality passport and/or visa services on a timely basis from a knowledgeable and professional staff with many years of experience.